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"Every single time I have introduced the musical masterpiece " Wealth of Words", I have been asked by the person sitting next to me a variety of questions. It never fails! They ask, "Who is that?" or "Where is that band from?" or "It sounds familiar, why?" I felt the same way the first time I heard it too. Then I sat and thought about it, and here is what I came up with. When a song is this good, it feels natural, so we assume that we actually heard it before. Meanwhile it's the emotion in the song, that we have actually felt before. Of course, this is only my opinion. However, I am sure it gets my point across. Kim's voice is simply angelic and the music creates illuminating melodies that leave a truly lasting impression.
This my friends, is the kind music that can stand the test of time. Please join me in getting the word out about this amazing group. The Parting Gift." -Ivan Becker Danbury Entertainment 

Fairfield County Weekly REVIEW

"Every musical genre these days seems to suffer from label-phobia. Pop music is equated with glamorized attitude, and alternative rock with bubbly trash, punk with tuneless boredom. But as the corporate music industry has chewed and swallowed it's share of all musical genres, indie music is returning to the forefront in all it's original glory. The real, raw rock-based sounds that have defined every youth based musical declaration are back. Enter, Kim Leaman, a moody and emotionally tinged band headed by Kim Leaman. Evidenced by her powerful CD, the group alternates between grungy fuzzy guitar licks, slamming drums and dripping sonic movements, all held in place by Leaman's haunting, melodic voice which lulls you like a strong narcotic. Sure it's not all happy-go-lucky, but one thing's for sure, this multi talented singer, songwriter, musician is unpredictable and is likely to do, play and say anything."
Britta Brundage - Fairfield Weekly


Kim Leaman has been building a name for herself by playing events, bars and clubs all over the US. "The Parting Gift's sound is reminiscent of the days when alternative rock was really THAT- with female vocals and a WXCI circa-1990 feel," says Stephen Krcmar from The News Times, Danbury, CT. They are currently the most requested local artist in rotation on the Western Connecticut college radio station, WXCI. Recently, Kim Leaman supported her EP on the road last summer. she is currently back in the studio recording and performing in showcases in NYC. - The Danbury News Times

You just need to listen to her!!
author: Sharlann
Kim is amazing! Her voice is beautiful, her lyrics are inspiring. I am looking forward to getting her next CD!!!
This woman deserves more.
author: Marianna Tabares
Not only is Kim gorgeous, but she has a voice unlike any other. She deserves more attention from those who already appreciate great music from the likes of Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice. Her vocals are timeless and her passion is irresistible.
Absolutely incredible
author: Enigmatic
My favorite song on this CD is definitely "Wealth of Words", followed closely by "Solitude". There's so much variety on this CD... every song is totally different. From "Solitude" with its single guitar to "Ondine" with its heavy instrumentals and almost ethereal vocals, this CD has a song for every mood. And the lyrics kick ass too.
Kimmy Rocks... I produced most of this CD
author: Alan Fletcher
Waaaay back in/around 1999, I recorded most of these tracks in my parents living room, using simple gear I had access to at the time, a SoundBlaster mp3+ and a Mackie 1604VLZ. Kimmy was just getting her bearings musically, and I was just starting up as a producer. Neither of us had much to spend. It was an adventure to say the least, and finding my tracks up on the 'net gives me a childish grin. The production may be a little sketchy, especially the tracks I didn't produce, but Kim is amazing, and I recommend you buy this CD. I promise you will not be disappointed. Kimmy, if you read this, I'm trying to get in contact with you again. Things have changed in a big way, and I am ready to produce your next record, if you are willing to work with me again. It was a pleasure the first time, now it will be the real deal... I won't post my phone number here, but call Beth or Steve at The Space. They have my numbers. Talk soon? -A


“Your voice is GORGEOUS... yes... definitely a true Jeff
Buckley fan... but there's something so haunting about hearing that out
of a whispery woman... it's like adding grit to cat power....”-singer/songwriter Liz Stahler Boston MA.

"You are the female Jeff Buckley!" - many